Plant Care

Plant Pot Size Guide

Pot sizes are listed in litres capacity. They are usually black plastic, although an increasing number are being grown in taupe coloured pots to enable waste pots to be collected at the roadside.

Pot Size Guide – Please note: the pot sizes listed below may vary due to the different pot manufactures we use

Pot SizePot DiameterPot Diameter (Base)Pot Height
1 Litre13cm5″10cm4″11cm4″
2 Litre17cm6.5″12cm4.5″13cm5″
3 Litre19cm7.5″13cm5″15.0cm6″
4 Litre20cm8″15.5cm6″16.5cm6.5″
5 Litre22.5cm9″16.5cm6.5″18cm7″
7 Litre25cm10″19cm7.5″20cm8″
10 Litre28cm11″24cm9.5″11.5cm9″
15 Litre33cm13″25.5cm10″30cm12″
20 Litre35.5cm14″27.5cm11″32.5cm13″
25 Litre38.5cm15″30cm12″35cm14″
30 Litre41cm16″33cm13″36cm14″
40 Litre50cm20″35.5cm14″45cm18″