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Cheilanthes Lanosa (Hairy Lip Fern) 2Ltr

The Cheilanthes Lanosa is a lovely fern with soft foliage of silver-grey-green colouration. Shade-loving, unlike many ferns this variety prefers

Fern “Polystichum Setiferum” 2Ltr

Polystichum setiferum is a tufted evergreen fern to 1.2m in height, with rosettes of soft textured, lance-shaped mid-green fronds, the stalks with prominent orange-brown scales

Fern Asplenium “Scolopendrium” 2Ltr

Description: Asplenium scolopendrium is commonly grown as indoor plant. Tufts of fronds unfurl from an upright, branching rhizome that lies