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Seeds – Aubergine Long Purple

One of the most commonly grown varieties in the world. Medium size fruits of elongated shape, deep violet colour and

Seeds – Beetroot Detroit 2

Introduced nearly a century ago and still one of the favourites for main crop sowing. Deep red flesh, marvellous flavour

Seeds – Beetroot Pablo F1 Rhs Agm

This excellent deep red beetroot can be used as a baby beet, or grown on as a main crop. Perfect

Seeds – Broad Bean Aquadulce Claudia

Aquadulce Claudia is an early maturing bean with long pods and high yields. In our opinion, the best broad bean

Seeds – Broad Bean De Monica

Height: 120cm (48″). Spread: 45cm (18″). Companion planting: Try growing broad beans with summer savory to help repel black bean

Seeds – Broad Bean Masterpiece Green

How do you grow broad bean masterpiece? Growing Instructions:Choose a sunny spot with well-drained soil and sow seeds individually in

Seeds – Broad Bean Witkiem Manita

A fast-growing, quick-maturing broad bean, producing a good harvest of short, well-filled pods. The beans have a high tannin content,

Seeds – Broccoli Purple Sprouting

Purple-sprouting broccoli is extremely hardy, tolerating temperatures as low as -12°C. Sow in March to harvest in early winter, or

Seeds – Brussels Sprout Brendan F1

Late season variety ready Mid-December to January/February. Long holding ability and performs best on fertile soils, shows good resistance to

Seeds – Brussels Sprout Brodie F1

Brodie reguarly comes in top for flavour in recent taste panels. Good leaf and button disease resistance and holds well.

Seeds – Cabbage (Spring Greens) Winter Green

Wintergreen is a dark green open headed cabbage with a wonderful spring green taste. It crops from January onwards and

Seeds – Cabbage Caraflex F1

What is f1 cabbage? Productive and uniform storage cabbage with a crisp, matte white interior. This crowd-pleasing cabbage is dense

Seeds – Cabbage Golden Acre Primo 2

How tall does Golden Acre cabbage grow? Image result for Cabbage Golden Acre Primo 2 The Golden Acre is a

Seeds – Cabbage Red Drumhead

What is Red Drumhead? Image result for Cabbage Red Drumhead Cabbage Red Drumhead is an heritage variety dating back to

Seeds – Cabbage Savoy Resolution F1

Resolution produces mid-green and attractive solid round heads which will mature mid-season with an October to December Harvest. The hardiest