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Leylandi Green 2Ltr

Green Leylandii (Cupressocyparis Leylandii) is a well-known, very fast-growing conifer. Its hedges can grow extremely dense when trimmed correctly, making

Heather 13cm

Heather, (Calluna vulgaris), also called Scotch heather or ling, low evergreen shrub of the heath family (Ericaceae), widespread in western

Seeds – Carrot Eskimo F1 Rhs Agm

Carrot ‘Eskimo’ It produces  rich orange roots  with the sweetest flavour, and has strong tops that make it easy to

Aucuba Japonica 1 Ltr

Aucuba japonica, commonly called spotted laurel, is a rounded, shade-loving, evergreen shrub in the Garryaceae family, a small family that

Euonymus Bravo 3Ltr

This is the white variegated version of good old Euonymus japonica. Being variegated, it’s slightly slower growing but it has

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