Conifer Hedging is a popular way of creating boundaries, adding texture or bringing formality to your garden. The needle like leaf structure is great at absorbing both noise and toxic fume pollution. They are evergreen and can be planted as a tree or together to form a hedge. At Perfect for plants we offer them in varies root forms including bare roots, root balls and pot grown. Popular Conifers we supply are Leylandii, Western red cedar and English Yew. We are more than happy to help advise and guide you through your order, please call or email us for any advice.

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Western Red Cedar (Thuja)

Western red cedar or Thuja is an evergreen conifer hedging plant or tree. It is a good alternative to Leylandii hedging as it doesn’t suffer from die back so is easier to maintain.

Yew (Taxus Baccata)

Yew or Taxus Baccata is an evergreen, elegant, traditional British hedging plant that is steeped in history. The compact nature and leaf structure makes for a wonderful formal hedging plant that is also popular for topiary and shaping.